The magnificent Potala Palace, perched high in the Himalayans, stands as an icon of the guiding values of Tibetan culture: honesty, integrity and harmony with the environment. The palace and what it stands for became the inspiration for Potala Village properties whose founder grew up in Tibet.

The first of several Potala Village mixed-use complexes is under construction in the heart of Everett, a second is in the development stage which is located in Kirkland, WA. Potala Village communities will offer more than 1,000 residential and retail units in the Pacific Northwest, sited in downtown areas that are prime locations for both living and commerce. The properties will be Leed Certified, “built green,” and adhering to sustainable standards with an eye on being economically within reach.

The Village complexes are in exceptionally desirable areas with heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic and in close proximity to numerous desirable amenities, complementary businesses and employment centers.

Our Core Values